About John

On December 8, 2020 John announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a possible run for Mayor. John plans to spend the coming months gathering public input and fundraising.

As a life-long Norwalk resident John decided to give back to his community and join the Common Council. Now in his fourth term, he believes he has the experience for higher office. 

Here are some of the initiatives John has accomplished in his time on the Council.

  • South Norwalk T.O.D (Transit Oriented District)
  • Athletic field improvements throughout the city.
  • First solar project at a city park and school.
  • Supported the largest budget increases in the state for the Board of Education.
  • Kept tax increases low by increasing the city’s revenue from smart development.
  • Negotiated additional tax revenue from the SONO Collection.
  • Advocated for lenient parking enforcement and lower fees.

Here are some of the projects John is working on now.

  • Helping those struggling because of the pandemic by opposing the proposed tax increase.
  • Working with the Board of Education on the School Facilities Study to improve conditions and overcrowding.
  • Industrial Zone Study
  • East Norwalk Revitalization
  • South Norwalk Train Station Development